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tailor made to fit anyone

All of the garments are designed with some give and adjustability to adapt to our changing bodies, every design can be adapted to any individual fit and preference.

It’s important to emphasise that all the made to order garments can be made to suit any size, any proportions, any gender, any age.

Get in contact to arrange a fitting if your local.

ob wearers size chart

Rather than using some strict size chart off the internet I’m currently putting together a size chart based on all the measurements of my actual customers from my first year of business…

Please hold tight while I make these amendments to this page! Get in contact with any queries in the mean time.

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tips on how to measure - THE RITUAL WRAP DRESS

  1. Bust

    Measuring the widest part of your bust,being sure the measuring tape is level around your back

  2. WAIST

    Measuring the smallest part of your waist

  3. HIPS

    Measuring the widest part of your hips and bum, this is sometimes lower than your actual hip bones!

  4. BICEP

    All the way around the widest point

  5. CHEST

    Measuring from armpit to armpit


    Measure from shoulder to waist, taking 2 measurements one down the front and one down the back, this is where the waistline of the dress sits


    Along the top from the bast of the neck to the edge of your shoulder

  8. ARM

    Length for desired sleeve length can be measured here

skirt lengths

SHORT (60cm) MID (70cm) LONG (80cm) Measured from the waist down