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Reflecting on the relationships we have with the objects in our lives, clothing maker Milly Melbourne of oB wear seeks to explore the creation of considered garment making. Designing, cutting and sewing garments with the intention of them being able to shape with us over the years as both our bodies and styles change. Bringing play into the direct way we interact with the garments in that space between being naked and fully clothed. 


oB was created in Cornwall and represents the three stones of Mên-an-Tol which was near where I lived at the time.

They are just three static lumps of rock you can’t help but playfully and physically engage with and observe from different angles - this is sort of how I wanted to make clothes.


I am now based in Bristol where I design and produce the garments under one warehouse roof. 

I make both limited one-off pieces as well as tailoring garments individually to fit any gender and body shape. Allowing the wearer to have some choice in how the garment is made. I use a selection of fabrics that I hand pick myself and source from around the UK and Europe. To complement my slow, conscious design process I enjoy using a selection of textiles woven from natural fibres, often using organic processes alongside traditional dye techniques. 


Get in contact to talk to me directly with or arrange to visit the workshop to get measured.